14th November 2012

The book launch for 'The Drip' will take place at Carrickmacross Library on 30th November at 7pm at their fantastic new venue.

5th November 2012

We have hit or Fund-It target. We would like to thank all the people who funded our camapign or offered words of support. We will be contacting all our funders this week. All that remains is to transfer drip messages into the book and we are ready to go to print. The book will be printed in Ireland and the money raised will go towards this cost.

8th October 2012

Fund-It campaign launched. We want to raise €2,000 to help with the print costs for our new book. Fund-It is a crowd funding site which allows contibutors to be part of the creation process. We have a variety of rewards on offer depending on how much money is pledged.

4th October 2012

Our film to help with our Fund-It campaign is now live and can be seen here. We hope this whets your appetite for what's to come.

5th September 2012

The Drip, our second book, will be launched before Christmas.

15th March 2010

We have teamed up with MyKidsTime to offer the book with 10% off. MyKidsTime on their website provide online local information for kids activities, camps, classes, events and services

3rd March 2010

The first print run of Buzz Off has finally run out all 1375 copies.

31st December 2009

It has been a busy year for us personally but quiet one for 2plus4 publishing. Maria has taken redundancy and plans to devote more time to the publishing so things with definitely start moving in 2010. We have plans for two new books.

18th December 2009

I am attending the Writing for Children's Books course run by Adriene Geoghegan at Independent Colleges. The course has been a real eye-opener and has made me wonder whether I would have ever attempted publishing a book knowing what I now know. I have made some new friends and it has been great fun hearing all the different stories written by the students. Hopefully we will keep in touch after the course has finished.

20th November 2009

Buzz Off first run has all but sold out!! We are halfway through the last box.

18th September 2009

Boing Ouch is delayed to redraft after initial feedback.

15th June 2009

Ecobaby have agreed to do a flyer drop in their deliveries. Check out their website for great eco friendly baby products.www.ecobaby.ie.

25th May 2009

The sequel to Buzz Off called Boing Ouch! is undergoing a final draft ready to be sent to the illustrator.

4th February 2009

I stumbled on this excellent recommendation on the O Mahony online book website. see here

22nd January 2009

I was asked to come on the Turbridy show to talk about being a stay at home Dad with Dave Robbins who writes a column for the independent. It was great fun and very interesting to see how it all works. I even managed to plug my book. The podcast is available on the RTE website.

16th December 2008

I have been asked to write an article for the UK magazine Mother and Baby. It is about bringing up children from a fathers point of view and should be out in February or March.

8th October 2008

We sold our 1000th copy of Buzz Off today.

1st October 2008

I am pleased to announce that Cary Whitley will be promoting Buzz Off for 2plus4publishing in the UK. She has promoted her own book through www.fabpublishing.co.uk called Secret Services.

12th September 2008

Buzz Off is featured in the recommended reading guide produced by Children's Books Ireland the national organisation for children's books, and released in conjunction with the annual Children's Book Festival which takes place in October.

1st September 2008

My father died today of pancreatic cancer. It is a tough unrelenting disease and he showed great bravery in the last year since the diagnosis. He was a great man and the biggest supporter of Buzz Off. I will miss him very much. Only last week I was showing him the sequel to Buzz Off and it will be dedicated to him.

3rd July 2008

Interview featured in the Northern Standard. View article here.

19th June 2008

I visited St Daigh's National School, Inniskeen to talk to the pupils about how I wrote and produced Buzz Off. I brought my own first pictures, some of the rough sketches by Sholto and some of the books I used to help me do the drawings. I enjoyed the visit and was overwhelmed with all the hands at the end when the children asked me lots of very good questions.

14th June 2008

Did my first ever book signing in Keegan's Carrickmacross. It was a strange experience sitting in front of the small book section but I managed to sell about thirty books.

10th June 2008

Michael Kelly's interview appeared in the Irish Times today. It was a great article for the Change of Life section of the Health Supplement. Orders trickled in throughout the day.View article here.

5th June 2008

Featured in the Monaghan Post. 'Buzzing with Success'. View article here.

1st June 2008

We have sold our 500th copy of Buzz Off. When I say sold that isn't strictly true as bookshops work on a sale or return basis. However, order amounts have been quite small so we are confident they will sell them.

30th May 2008

Bookshops have been trying to find us and are interested in the book after the excellent review on The Afternoon Show. We have finally managed to persuade the distributor Argosy books to put in an order.

19th May 2008

I was absolutely thrilled today to see my book reviewed on the Afternoon Show on RTE1!!! It was picked as the top children's read for the summer and the top tip overall. Hopefully now the bookshops take it on. See the RTE website.

This is the first part of the review.

The second half of the review where they choose it as the overall best summer read!!

15th May 2008

I did an interview for the Irish Times Health Supplement with Michael Kelly author of Trading Paces (O'Brien Press, April 2008)

We sold our 200th copy today!!

Our book is featured in the website www.rollercoaster.ie

2nd May 2008

We received our first review on the website www.cuteable.com

19th April 2008

We sent out an email mailshot to everyone we know.

10th April 2008

I picked up 1375 copies of Buzz Off at the printers. It looks a like a lot when you see all the boxes.

April 2008

Bernadette O'Neill, marketing and communications consultant for the arts, was appointed by 2Plus4 Publishing to oversee the launch and publicity for 'Buzz Off'.

February 2008

Sue Bush designs a website for 2plus4 publishing.

January 2008

Decided to self-publish and Maria thinks of a name for the company 2plus4 Publishing. We get the domain name.

21st September 2007

Freddie our fourth child was born.

September 2007

Illustrations are finally complete.

March 2007

Project almost gets canned but is then back on track when both parties reach agreement.

February 2007

Sue Bush comes in as book designer.

December 2006

Sholto produced draft fly character studies.

July 2006

Sat on the story for a year but kept wondering what it would be like with better illustrations. I made an enquiry when I found an illustrator who did great insects. Sholto Walker the illustrator agreed to work on the book.

9th December 2005

Our third child Maud was born

June 2005

I completed the illustrations for Buzz Off. Rudimentary coloured pencil drawings which I put into a binder and pulled out for the children every now and then.

November 2004

Decided to start illustrating the story myself. Bought a few books like Everything You Wanted To Know About Cartooning But Were Afraid to Ask and How To Draw Animals when I realised it was harder than it appeared.

September 2004

I wrote Buzz Off. The idea had been in my head for about a year.

August 2004

We moved to Ireland from London.

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